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CITEC Confirm video testimonialsFeedback from our clients

At CITEC Confirm, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. See what our clients have to say about us in the video testimonials below.

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McDonald Phillips Lawyers Pty. Ltd.

CITEC Confirm talks with Rhonda King from McDonald Phillips Lawyers about eFiling.

McDonald Phillips Lawyers specialises in commercial law, corporate law and insolvency matters and lodge court documents in multiple states and territories across Australia. After making the switch to CITEC Confirm's eFiling system, staff have reported:

  • a significant improvement in claim turnaround time
  • eFiling at least five times more efficient than manual lodgement
  • large volume transactions handled with ease
  • customer service which is local, knowledgeable and always helpful.

McDonald Phillips Lawyers also relies on CITEC Confirm for ASIC company and business name searches, title searches and bankruptcy searches.

*McDonald Phillips Lawyers Pty Ltd is now trading as Taylor McDonald Pty Ltd.

George Laurens (G.C.) Pty. Ltd.

CITEC Confirm talks with Peter Laurens from George Laurens about eFiling.

George Laurens is a licensed commercial agent specialising in debt collection and reposession of goods. The company has been using CITEC Confirm since 1998 for its property searches and company and business name searches. After transitioning to CITEC Confirm's eFiling system in 2009, staff have reported:

  • documents served much faster
  • considerable cost savings
  • considerable time savings of approximately two and a half hours per person, each day
  • a system which is "very good, very quick and very efficient."

George Laurens' staff highly recommend CITEC Confirm eFiling.