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QLD Property Crimes Notifications FAQ

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What are the benefits of using Notifications?

Getting online Notifications (and subsequent follow up Crime Reports) from QPRIME has the following benefits:

  • Insurers will have the information which is necessary to be able to promptly register claims for restitution at the Police Station that solved the crime
  • Insurers will be able to quickly locate the Police Station that is holding the recovered property that they hold subrogation rights for.

What information will the Notifications screen provide?

If clients have recorded a Subrogation Interest in a Crime or Property Item, QPRIME will automatically notify them of any new information concerning recovery of the property or the solving of the crime by using a notification list. By selecting the Notifications option, clients will receive a customised list (QLD Property Crimes Notifications Summary) of changes to crimes interests created for their account code.

When will I be charged for Notifications?

When you select Notifications from the QLD Crime Reports Menu, the Notifications input page will display the number of current notifications for your entire account. If you do not want to proceed with your search, you can return to the QLD Crime Reports menu and you will not be charged. However if you wish to proceed, and receive a Notifications Summary, you may enter Your Reference ( this Reference will appear on your useage report) then click the $Search$ button and the Notifications Summary will display. A charge is incurred at this point.

What other information does Notifications provide?

The QLD Property Crimes Notifications Summary provides the following information:

  • Advice if a crime is solved
  • Advice of the class and type of recovered property item
  • Claim number
  • Crime Report number

By clicking on the + icon, which appears next to each Crime Incident number, you can view the following further information:

  • Date/Time of the crime
  • Reporting station
  • Division
  • Class of crime
  • Complainant
  • Location of crime
  • Crime Status
  • Class, type and claim numbers for individual property items

How do I find out where the recovered property is being held or which Police Station solved the crime?

From the QLD Property Crimes Notifications Summary, clients can click the Order Updated Crime Report button and receive an updated crime report for the reduced Follow Up Fee. This report will state which Police station solved the crime and advise the location of any recovered property.

How do I stop getting notifications?

From the QLD Property Crimes Notifications Summary page, clients can click the Remove Recovered Property Interests button (which appears immediately above each property item) and this will take you to the Subrogations section of The QLD Property Crimes Menu where you will be able to remove the property interest and stop that property item being included in future Notifications lists. Clients can also remove their interest in the crime from this page. Removing a crime interest will stop any future crime solved notifications for that crime.

Clients can also remove interests (on property items only), by clicking on the Subrogations link on the QLD Crime Reports Menu, entering their Claim/File number or the Crime Number, and then clicking the Remove Interest button which is immediately above each listed property item.This will stop future Notifications for that property item.

While an interest is registered for the crime or property, a notification will be generated every time, even if you have previously received the notification.
When all Property Item Interests are removed the Crime Interest is also removed automatically, which means that there will be no more notifications at all for that crime.

It is important that clients remove Interests once they have viewed the Notifications Summary, overwise the interests will continue to be displayed as current Notifications on the Notifications input page and will, as a result, still be included in any further Notification Summary requests.