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QLD Property Crimes Crime Report FAQ

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What information will I get from a Crime Report?

The QLD Crime Report contains applicable information under the following standard headings:

  • Complainant(s)
  • Modus Operandi
  • Property Items 
  • Summary

How do I locate a Crime Report?

Obtaining the "QP" or QPRIME Number from the Police Officer involved is the easiest way to locate a Crime Report. If you don't have this you can search by Person Name, or Incident Location or Organisation Details, along with a selected date range.

  • With QPRIME Number
    When searching by QPRIME Number, the format is a 'QP' or "qp" followed by the Year (2digits) and then the incident number (8digits) i.e. QP0712345678. If a valid QPRIME number is entered, the QLD Property Crimes Crime Report Summary will be displayed immediately. When searching by a QPRIME number you do not need any other search criteria.

  • Without QPRIME Number
    You may search by Person Name or Incident Location or Organisation Details. First select the Radio Button next to the Search Criteria you wish to use, then manually key in the From and To dates using a ddmmyyyy format. e.g.23052007.

Then enter the information that relates to your selection:

* indicates mandatory field

Person Name - Surname*
- Given Name
- Second Name
Incident Location - Street Name*
- Suburb/Town*
- State
- Postcode
Ogranisation Details - Organisation Name*
- Suburb/Town
- State
- Postcode

What should I enter in the 'Claim/File Number', 'Reason for Access' & 'Representing' fields?

The information you enter here will be stored in the database transaction logs and may be retrieved by the QPS for use in information audits or other purposes. The 'Claim/File Number' can be any information that will enable you/your organisation to identify your interest in the report should the QPS audit your usage at a later time. Use the drop down box to select an appropriate reason for access (e.g. Insurance company with a bona fide interest in the property crime, Loss adjustor with a bona fide interest in the property crime, Other person or organisation with a bona fide interest). Users are also advised to enter their client's name in the 'Representing' field.

Search Tips

  • From the QLD Property Crimes Crime Report input screen, clients can also use the Search Criteria of Person Name. When entering a Surname, it is recommended that you also enter a Given Name
  • From the QLD Property Crimes Crime Report input screen, clients can also use the Search Criteria of Incident Location. When entering a Street Name, only the name is required, not the street type. e.g. Edward, not Edward Street

At what point am I charged for the search?

  • No charge is applied to your account when viewing the QLD Property Crimes Crime Report Summary screen
  • Charges only apply to Crime Reports, Updated Crime Reports (Follow Ups) and Notifications of Recovered Property or Solved Crimes
  • When ordering a Crime Report, a charge is only applied to your account when you select a report to view in full by entering the Audit Details and clicking $Order$.
  • There are no charges incurred for adding Interests or Subrogation Rights
  • A separate fee applies when you request Notifications of solved crimes and recovered property
  • When ordering a Crime Report Enquiry Follow Up from the Notifications link, a reduced fee applies.

Do I have to view/print the report immediately?

You should view and print your QLD Crime Report immediately after purchase. For security reasons, the report will not be saved in your Inbox.

If the report is updated, can I get a new copy?

If you order a report before Police involvement is complete, you may want to order it again when it has been completed. You can reorder a report using the same QPRIME number within 60 days of your original order, at a reduced price, and you will be provided with updates (if QPS have made any). The reduced fee only applies to additional orders of the same QPRIME report conducted within the same account.

Can I add Subrogation's from within the Crime Report?

Subrogation's can be entered when you have displayed a Crime Report. From the Related Searches section at the bottom of the QLD Property Crimes Crime Report Result Summary, select the Subrogation link. This will take you to the QLD Property Crimes Subrogation's input page. You can then add Subrogation Interests and or Rights for that particular Crime Incident. No charge is incurred for adding (or removing) Subrogation Interests and/or Rights.

How do I get online access to Crime Reports?

Online access is limited to Insurance Firms and Loss Adjustors. Users of this type are required to apply for access and are granted access on an individual basis and will be provided with a High Security User Id and Password. Information from Crime Reports can not be passed on to anyone without a bona fide interest in the incident. Please call the Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 (07 3222 2700 within Brisbane) to request a QLD Property Crimes Crime Report application pack.

Note: Applications can take several weeks to process as the QLD Police Service (QPS) will conduct full security checks on each individual applicant. Once approved, your account will be activated with access to QLD Property Crimes Crime Reports and you will be notified by a member of the Confirm Service Centre with instructions on how to access this secure menu.

Why is an additional User-ID and password required to access QLD Property Crimes Crime Reports?

The information in QLD Crime Reports is confidential and may not be disclosed to unauthorised persons. High Security User-IDs provide an additional level of security. Each organisation and individual accessing the system must be approved by the Queensland Police Service before they are granted a High Security User-ID. Details of all transactions are automatically recorded. Use of this system constitutes consent to security monitoring. In your own interest, do not permit anyone to use your High Security User-ID and password, always log out of the system at the completion of your enquiry and regularly change your password.

What if I have forgotten my password or I can't log in?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to log in. Some things to consider include:

  • Have you logged in to your organisation's main Confirm account first? Use your 'Account Code' to Log in to Confirm BEFORE trying to access QLD Crime Reports using your High Security User-ID and Password
  • Have you been given access to QLD Crime Reports? If you do not have a High Security User-ID it is likely that you have not yet been approved for access to QLD Crime Reports. Please contact the Confirm Service Centre for more information.
  • Have you entered your password incorrectly more than 3 times or forgotten your password? You will automatically be locked out of QLD Crime Reports if you incorrectly enter your password more than three times. If you have forgotten your password or you have been locked out, you will need to request a password reset. For future reference, you can request a password reset by clicking the 'Login Problems?' link beneath the area where you log in on the Confirm home page, then clicking 'Submit a password reset request here'. A CITEC Confirm Customer Service Representative will contact you and advise you of your new passowrd, once the request has been processed.

Can I get a once off copy of a Crime Report without applying for online access?

Organisation's who are acting on behalf of a person involved in a crime and members of the public who have made a crime complaint can obtain a QLD Crime Report by placing orders directly with the Brisbane Office of CITEC Confirm. Simply complete a single report application form and either present it in person or forward it by post or fax. You will be required to provide an up front payment by cheque, credit card or cash (cash payments may only be made in person).

Applications in Person to: CITEC Confirm
Level 5, 140 Creek Street
Brisbane QLD, 4000
Applications by Post / Email to: CITEC Confirm
GPO Box 2457
Brisbane QLD, 4001


Note: Reports of this type are only available to parties involved in a crime or those persons acting on behalf of those parties. You must supply the crime report number (e.g. QP0700000001 ) when completing your application.