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VIC Lands Title Package FAQ

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What is a Title Package?

A Title Package allows you to order a set of documents related to a single parcel of land. Documents in the package are provided for one base price. The Title Package may include:

  • Automated or Imaged Title
  • Final Search
  • Owners Corporation Basic Reports
  • Copy of Plan

In addition to the above, the Title Package also allows you to order Owners Corporation Premium Reports and Individual Instruments. Additional charges apply.

Which searches may be included in a Title Package?

For automated titles the Title Package will return a list of searches available for the subject land parcel which are included in the package price. Searches will be marked with a green tick to indicate that they are included in a standard Title Package:

  • Title (Register Search Statement)
  • Owners Corporation Basic Reports
  • Copy of Plan

Additionally, up to 50 Instruments will be displayed in a selection list as well as any related Owners Corporation Premium Reports. Additional selection of these items will incur individual charges. Any combination of up to 50 instruments and an unlimited number of Owners Corporation Premium Reports can be selected to add to your Title Package order. Mortgages, Caveats, Covenants and Owners Corporation Premium Reports may be added to the Title Package order if they exist for the subject land parcel. Some types of instruments are not available through Title Package and will not be included in the list. The expected charge is displayed at the bottom of the page. This charge is calculated using the base charge, plus an extra charge for each instrument / report included.
For imaged titles the Title Package will include:

  • Imaged Title
  • Final Search

After viewing your Title results (to obtain Instrument / Plan Details) use the Add To Order button to order imaged copies of further documents required such as:

  • Copy of the Plan
  • Instruments

Additional documents ordered in this manner will be charged separately. A Calculate button is provided to calculate the charge based on the list of instruments entered. The final charge may be lower than that shown if any of the instruments requests are not accepted by the information provider.

Note: Instruments / Reports not selected in the initial order for either an Automated or Imaged Title, may be added by using the Add to Order facility. Simply click the Add to Order Button and select the relevant order from the list of available orders completed in the previous 48hrs. The Copy of Plan, up to 50 instruments, and where applicable the Owner's Corporation Premium Report (only for automated Titles) can then be added. Additional charges will apply per item added.

How long can documents be added to a Title Package order?

Plans, Reports and instruments can be added to your Title Package order for up to 48 hours from the time of submission of your original order.

Which searches are excluded from a Title Package?

Instruments such as plain transfers (those which do not include a covenant), discharged mortgagees and discharges of mortgage are excluded from Title Packages. These instruments will not appear on the selection list for the Title Package but can be ordered separately through CITEC Confirm's VIC Lands Instrument Search.

Are Title Package results available immediately?

Most Victorian titles and Owners Corporation Reports have been automated and are available for online retrieval immediately. Instruments and Plans may be automated or imaged and are generally available for download within a few hours. The Title Package Confirmation displayed at the end of your order will advise you on the delivery status of each item within your order. To view items that are available immediately, select the View Documents link on the confirmation screen.

Title Package items that were not available for immediate download can be retrieved from the View Title Package Results link on the VIC Lands Menu. Simply enter your Order Number or the Date ordered; or click the 'Last 50 Documents' button to view recent orders.

Note: Email Alert is also available on Title Package orders. To be advised by email when all items in an order are available for retrieval, enter your email address on the search screen when ordering your Title Package.