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QLD Lands Dealing Statement FAQ

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What is a Dealing?

Any document that deals with a title, such as a mortgage, lease or easement is known as a dealing or an instrument. A plan or title may have multiple associated dealings. A 9 digit dealing number is created for each dealing or instrument in the Automated Title System (ATS).

What information will I get from a Dealing Statement search?

A dealing statement search will provide you with an extract from the ATS that will display the dealing number, type and status, relevant dates and the associated title and/or plan numbers for the dealing selected.

NB: This search does not provide an imaged copy of the dealing. This search will only produce an extract.

How will my results be returned?

Results will be returned immediately on the screen. Simply click the 'COMPLETED' link to view results in PDF format.

If you ordered your Dealing Statement as an Other Related Search you can click the 'COMPLETED' link on the Other Related Search Result screen to see the Dealing Statement Search Result Summary. Click the results link to view the Dealing Statement as a PDF. When ordering via Other Related Searches you can also elect to receive a copy of your results via email. Simply tick the "Yes, I would like an additional copy of my results emailed to:" checkbox on the search input screen and enter an email address in the field provided. If you have a default profile with an email address, your address will be automatically entered.

Results will also store in the Confirm Inbox for up to 30 business days where they can be retrieved again, printed or saved at no extra cost.

Can I order a copy of the Dealing?

Copies of the dealing can be ordered through the Order Images: Document/Dealing option on the QLD Land Searches Main Menu.

What information can I tell from the Dealing Number?

All dealing numbers beginning with a 7 or higher have been created since the introduction of the Automated Title System in 1994. Dealings created prior to the introduction of the ATS have an alphanumeric identification called a pre-ATS dealing number, and a corresponding ATS dealing number beginning with a 6. Searches can be conducted on either ATS (standard) or pre-ATS dealing numbers.

Can I order an Unregistered Dealing?

Unregistered dealings are not available from CITEC Confirm, however an automated title search will provide you with the details of any associated unregistered dealings.