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QLD Lands Community Title Scheme Statement FAQ

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What is a Community Title Scheme?

A Community Title Scheme (CTS) comprises of jointly administered lots (scheme land) and the community management statement (CMS) that defines that administration. The scheme land must include common property.

Community Title Schemes were introduced by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (BCCM Act) to better administer group titles, building units and strata corporations. Four regulations modules exist to meet the needs of different types of community titles schemes: Standard, Accommodations, Commercial and Small Schemes. The regulations modules set out rules relating to committees, general meetings, financial and property management and insurance.

What information is provided by this search?

The result of a CTS search is an extract from the Automated Titles System (ATS) that will include the following information:

  • Full scheme name and address of the body corporate
  • CMS number and CMS dealing number
  • Type of regulation module
  • Associated title references and plan numbers

Note: this search does not provide you with a Community Management Statement. A Community Management Statement can be ordered through Order Images: Documents/Dealings on the QLD Lands Menu using the CMS dealing number provided on your CTS search extract.

What is a Community Management Statement (CMS)?

The CMS is a document which identifies scheme land and complies with the requirements of the BCCM Act. Particulars recorded in a CMS include the body corporate name, lot entitlements schedule and by-laws. The CMS identifies the regulation module of the scheme, and references the relevant act (BCCM or BU and GT) for any exclusions or bylaws. Each CMS is identified by the number of the CTS to which it refers and also by a unique dealing number. The CMS dealing number is recorded on all indefeasible titles for lots in the scheme including the title for the common property.

Can I order a copy of the Community Management Statement?

You can order a copy of the CMS through the Order Images: Document/Dealing option on the QLD Lands Menu. Your search criteria should be the CMS dealing number, obtained from either your CTS result or from a body corporate title. To order a body corporate title that will list the body corporate address and CMS dealing number, conduct a search on lot zero of the base plan (eg Lot 0 BUP1000).

Can I order the title or plan for a CTS?

Titles or plans relating to a CTS can be ordered through the relevant option on the QLD Lands Menu using the information displayed on the CTS result.

What is the relationship between a CTS and a Body Corporate?

A Body Corporate is a legal entity created when land is subdivided and registered under the Land Title Act 1994 to establish a community titles scheme. Every owner of a lot in a community titles scheme is a member of the body corporate. Owners do not have a choice as to whether or not they will be a body corporate member.

How do Community Titles Schemes differ from Building Unit Plans or Group Titles?

Community title schemes allow for both land and building subdivision to occur on a single scheme whereas Building Unit and Group Title plans were separated. Community corporations are administered in a similar fashion to strata corporations (BUP and GTP body corporations) but the specifics of the administration are flexible depending on the size and purpose of the development.

What search criteria should I use?

A CTS search can be conducted on a scheme name, a CMS number, or a plan type and plan number.

How will I receive my results?

Results will be returned immediately on the screen. Simply click the 'COMPLETED' link to view results in PDF format.

If you ordered your CTS Statement as an Other Related Search, you can click the 'COMPLETED' link on the Other Related Search Result screen to see the CTS Statement Search Result Summary. Click the results link to view the CTS Statement as a PDF.

Results will also be stored in your Confirm Inbox for up to 30 business days where they can be retrieved again, printed or saved at no extra cost.

Can I use a wildcard to search for a CTS?

A wildcard '%' can be used when searching on a building name but must be preceded by at least the first 3 characters of the building name. If you do not use a wildcard the search will look for exact matches in that field.

Wildcard Examples

  1. Building Name: 'View'
    Will find ONLY buildings named 'View'. Will NOT find 'The View' or 'Viewmont'

  2. Building Name: 'View%'
    Will find buildings BEGINNING with 'View'. Will find 'Viewmont' and 'Views Lodge'. Will NOT find 'Highview'.

  3. Building Name: '%View'
    Invalid use of wildcard. Will find ONLY buildings named 'View'. Will NOT find 'The View' or 'Highview'.