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QLD Lands Building Unit & Group Title Plans FAQ

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What are BUPs and GTPs?

Building Unit Plans (BUPs) and Group Title Plans (GTPs), are plan types that existed under the Building Units and Group Titles Act 1980, which has since been superseded by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (BCCM Act). Both plan types are characterised by collectively administered subdivisions. The collective administration was managed by a Body Corporate.

How are BUPs and GTPs different from each other?

A GTP was created when land was subdivided into collectively administrated lots. A BUP was created when a building was subdivided into collectively administrated 'units'. GTPs could be further subdivided into BUPs if required, however, BUPs could exist independently and were not necessarily further subdivisions of a GTP. Strata lots could only be subdivided by BUPs.

What information is provided by this search?

The result of a BUP/GTP search is an extract from the ATS (Automated Titles System) that will include the following information:

  • full group or building name and address of the body corporate
  • associated title references and plan numbers, or
  • number of CTS (Community Title Scheme) conversion if applicable.

Have Building Units and Group Titles been replaced by Community Title Schemes?

The Building Units and Group Titles Act 1980, while not available for new developments, remained in force for existing BUPs and GTPs until mid-1997. At this time, all BUP/GTPs were automatically allocated a CTS number and were assigned the 'standard module' CMS by default. However, some lots are covered by legislation that requires or allows ongoing governance under the BU and GT Act.

How do Building Unit Plans and Group Titles differ from Community Title Schemes?

Community Title Schemes allow for both land and building subdivision to occur on a single scheme whereas Building Unit and Group Title plans were separated. Community corporations are administered in a similar fashion to strata corporations but the specifics of the administration are flexible depending on the size and purpose of the development.

What search criteria should be used for this search'?

You can search by entering the 'Plan Type' and 'Plan Number' or 'Building Name'

Why did the result say 'No Matches Found'?

The BUP or GTP you searched on has been converted to a Community Title Scheme. The plan number is still recorded on ATS, but is now linked to the CTS number that covers this scheme. Conducting a CTS search using the same criteria will provide the relevant CMS number. You are not charged for a BUP/GTP search that returns a result of 'No Matches Found'.

How will my results be returned?

Results will be returned immediately on the screen. Simply click the 'COMPLETED' link to view results in PDF format. Results will also store in the Confirm Inbox for up to 30 business days where they can be retrieved again, printed or saved at no extra cost.

Can I use a wildcard to search for a BUP/GTP?

A wildcard '%' can be used when searching on a building name but must be preceded by at least the first 3 characters of the building name. If you do not use a wildcard the search will look for exact matches in that field.

Wildcard Examples

  1. Building Name: View
    Will find only buildings named View. Will not find The View or Viewmont.

  2. Building Name: View%
    Will find buildings beginning View. Will find Viewmont and Views Lodge.

Wildcards must be used in conjunction with the first letters of the building name - Highview will not be found by using '%' and 'view' in any combination but will be found by Hig%