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QLD Lands Order Images FAQ

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What are Imaged Titles, Plans, Dealings and Deeds of Grant?

An imaged title, plan or document is one that has been scanned and stored electronically. These images can be requested and viewed online, saving the time and expense of retrieving paper copies. Deeds of Grant can be ordered through the Imaged Title Search, by entering the Deed of Grant number in the Title Reference field.

What information will I find on an Imaged Title?

An imaged title is a 'snapshot' of the title as it was in 1994/1995. Changes made to imaged titles since 1994/1995 are not recorded on the image. For information on how to track these changes, refer to Historical Titles FAQ. Titles created since 1994/1995 are not imaged and should be ordered through the Title Search options on the QLD Lands Menu.

What information will I find on an Imaged Plan or Dealing?

Imaged Plans and Dealings are exact replicas of the original paper items filed with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

What does Non-Imaged mean?

Not all titles, plans and dealings have been imaged and stored on the Automated Title System. Non-Imaged documents will need to be manually retrieved from archives by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. The retrieval of these documents can take up to 5 working days.

How can I check whether a title, plan or dealing is Imaged or Non-Imaged?

From the QLD Lands Menu go to Order Images and select either Plan, Document/Dealing or Title depending on the document type. Enter the Type and Number of the document and click search. The Browse page displayed will show whether the document is Imaged or Non-Imaged. You have not been charged at this point. If you do not wish to proceed with an order, use the Fast Link at the top of the page to return to the Menu.

Can I order Non-Imaged items?

Yes, Non-Imaged items can be ordered through CITEC Confirm. You will be alerted if an item is not imaged on the Browse page which will show the Image Status for each document. To order a Non-Imaged item, simply tick the checkbox and click $Search$ to proceed with the order. Important: A large proportion of Non-Imaged errors are a result of incorrect information being entered by the user. Please ensure that the search criteria you have entered is correct before submitting an order.

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy will attempt to image the items and make them available within 5 business days. The documents will be delivered via your Confirm Inbox and by email if requested.

Note: not all Non-Imaged documents and plans are available. Some documents may have been destroyed or be too old to image. Some older documents may only be available over the counter. If your Inbox Order status shows a status of 'cancelled', please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 to determine the non-imaged status.

Why does my order status for a Non-Imaged plan say 'Cancelled'?

A document number that does not correspond to an imaged document will initially return a status of non-imaged and, if ordered, will be sent to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy for manual processing. At this point, it may be discovered that the document number is invalid and an error will result. The status of this order will change from 'Pending' to 'Cancelled' in the Inbox.

Are there any special rules for entering Plan Numbers?

Yes, any plan with a prefix not included on the Valid Plan Type list is likely to be a Crown Plan. CP is a plan type that can be used with a variety of plans that originally related to state land, such as road licenses (RL), Deeds of Grant (DG) and mining (perpetual homestead) leases (MPH). Crown Plans may include lots with alpha identifiers, and these should be excluded from your search criteria. To search on a Crown Plan enter CP as the Plan Type and include all other details (non-standard prefix & number) in the Plan Number field, e.g. Lot 2a/RL12345 should be entered as  Plan Type 'CP' and Plan Number 'RL12345'.

How will I receive my search results?

Your search results can be downloaded from the Results screen.

On the search input screen you can elect to receive a copy of the results by email. Imaged documents will also be available in your Confirm Inbox for up to 30 business days where they can be retrieved again, printed or saved at no extra cost.

When are the results available?

Imaged orders are generally available within 15 minutes. Non-Imaged orders can take up to 5 business days.

How can I monitor the progress of my order?

The order status for imaged and non-imaged items can be monitored from your Confirm Inbox. Your Inbox is accessed from the Header menu on the top right of each screen.

Is there a limit to the size of images that can be ordered?

Yes, currently images over 10MB cannot be delivered online. If you receive an error message advising you that the "Requested image exceeds the maximum size limit", please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or at

What is a Very Large Dealing?

Very large dealings are imaged in multiple parts due to their size. If your document number is for a very large dealing, only the first part of the document will be returned with your result. The first page of the document will provide a list of dealing numbers which can be used to retrieve the remaining parts of the dealing document.