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QLD Lands Lot/Plan Details By Owner Name or Address Search FAQ

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What information will I get from an Owner Name or Address Search?

This search returns information from the QLD Valuation and Sales database. The search can be used to assist in identifying the Real Property description (Lot/Plan) details when you only have limited information, such as the Address or Owner Name. The information returned can then be used to proceed to order a title if necessary. Individual charges will apply.

The search returns a browse list showing properties with registered proprietor details that match your search criteria. Browse lists are arranged alphabetically in ascending order up to a maximum of 500 results. The browse list includes the following details where available:

  • Property Address
  • RPD & Zoning Info
  • Owner/s Name
  • Owner/s Address

Note that your result may include properties owned by several different individuals sharing the same name. It is also important to note that not all property details are listed in this database as the database is based on QLD Valuations and Sales.