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QLD Environmental Management Register & Contaminated Land Register FAQ

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What does a QLD Contaminated Land Search involve?

This is a search of information on two land registers managed by the QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) - the Environmental Management Register (EMR) and the Contaminated Land Register (CLR).

What information is recorded on the Environmental Management Register?

The Environmental Management Register (EMR) is a land use planning and management register. Land that has been or is being used for a notifiable activity is recorded on the EMR by the QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. The EMR provides information on current and historical land use, including whether the land has been or is currently used for a notifiable activity, or has been contaminated by a hazardous contaminant. These sites are considered 'low risk' to human health or the environment under the current land use. Entry on the EMR does not mean that the land must be cleaned up or that the current land use must cease.

What information is recorded on the Contaminated Land Register?

The Contaminated Land Register (CLR) is a register of proven contaminated land (considered 'risk sites'), that is causing or may cause serious environmental harm. Land is recorded on the CLR when a scientific investigation shows that the land is contaminated and action needs to be taken to remediate or manage the land to prevent serious environmental harm or adverse public health risks.

What is a Site Management Plan?

A Site Management Plan (SMP) is used to manage land recorded on the EMR when there has been a site investigation and some contamination remains on the land. A SMP is used to manage environmental harm by applying conditions to the use of the land. If a SMP applies to the subject property a copy will be provided as an appendix to the search result.

What is an Area Management Advice?

An Area Management Advice (AMA) is issued in regard to lots within an area of land contaminated by a widespread contaminant such as natural mineralisation or industrial activity, or unexploded ordnance (UXO) where the Department of Defence has reported a substantial risk of residual UXO exists. If an AMA applies to the subject property a copy will be provided as an appendix to the search result.

What is unexploded ordnance?

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) is ammunition such as artillery shells, mortar bombs and grenades that did not explode when used. In Queensland, most UXO is found on former military training areas and firing ranges. UXO may detonate if disturbed, causing a potential safety risk. Land affected by UXO requires specialized assessment and management procedures.

What is an Advisory Note (Unexploded Ordnance)?

An Advisory Note (AN) for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) is issued in regard to lots within an area of land on which the Department of Defence has reported a slight risk of residual exists. If an AN (UXO) applies to the subject property a copy will be provided as an appendix to the search result.

What is a Notifiable activity?

Notifiable activities are ones that cause or are likely to cause contamination. The Environmental Protection Act 1994 contains a listing of current notifiable activities including (but not restricted to) the following land uses - service stations, cattle dips, tanneries, landfills and refuse tips.

Landowners, land occupiers and local governments are required under the EP Act to inform the DNRM of any known notifiable activity on their property.

What search criteria should I use?

It is mandatory to enter a lot/plan description when searching the EMR and CLR. There is no browse function, so a result will be returned for the exact land description you enter. If incorrect details are entered, an incorrect result will be displayed.

Are there any special rules for entering land descriptions?

All Queensland land description prefixes are acceptable.

Note: When searching on Crown Plans you should not enter the prefix CP, e.g. Lot 6 on CP MPH12345 should be entered as Lot 6 on MPH12345.
Searches on strata plans (BUP or GTP) will be automatically referred to the base parcel where available.

When are the results available?

Results are returned immediately online and stored in the Confirm Inbox for up to 30 business days.

Special Information for Local Government Authorities

How can LGAs get the most out of EMR and CLR searches?

The EHP waives the information fee for any EMR and CLR searches conducted by a local government authority where the subject property is within the boundaries of that authority. A CITEC Confirm delivery fee is charged for these searches. For further information about this facility, please contact CITEC Confirm Customer Service on 1800 773 773 or EHP.