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NT Lands Document Ordering FAQ

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What is Northern Territory (NT) Lands Document Ordering?

All Confirm clients can now access NT land information, including search certificates, title diagrams and records of administrative interests and information, via our document ordering system. Your order is submitted online and processed by Confirm Assist staff. The result is returned to you by e-mail, post or fax within 24 hours (except weekends and public holidays).

Each NT Lands Document Order will include the search certificate, title diagram and records of administrative interests and information (where available).

Will I be charged if there are no results found?

Yes, you will be charged for a "no result". Refunds will not be given for manual document ordering searches, as these search requests are fulfilled by a search agent. A "no result" is considered to be a result and is therefore chargeable.

What search criteria should I use?

The search criteria you provide must be specific enough to identify a single property.  It is recommended that you provide as much information as possible in order to identify the correct property.  The following parameters can be used to search for title details:

  • Address
  • Owner
  • Property
  • Survey Plan
  • Tenure Type
  • Title Reference
  • Unit
  • Parcel

What are the minimum criteria for searching?

In order to fulfill your search, all mandatory search parameters must be provided as a minimum.

What information will I receive from a Search Certificate?

A Search Certificate produces a time stamped record from the Integrated Land Information System of the Northern Territory Land Titles Office showing information for the subject property.  Details that may appear on a Search Certificate include:

  • Date Registered
  • Volume & Folio Details
  • Duplicate Certificate Issued information
  • Property Description
  • Area
  • Owner Details
  • Dealing (inc registered date, dealing number and description)
  • Title Diagram

What will I receive in the Record of Administrative Interests and Information report?

The Record of Administrative Interests and Information details the title reference, tenure reference, tenure status and parcel information and includes information from each of the following Custodians:

  • Registrar General
    Tenure type, previous titles, transfers

  • Surveyor General
    Property, address, survey plan, parcel status, parcel area, map reference, parent parcels, parcel comments, survey comments

  • Valuer General
    Owner's last known address, unimproved capital value, valuation improvements

  • Property Purchasing

  • Building Advisory Service
    Building permits

  • Town Planning and Development Assessment Services
    Planning schema zone, planning notes, planning applications

  • Power and Water Corporation
    Meters on parcel

  • Water Safety Branch
    Swimming pool/spa status

  • Mines and Energy

  • Other interest

NOTE: The Record of Administrative Interests and Information is not part of the Land Register and is not guaranteed by the Northern Territory of Australia, and the NT Government accepts no Liability for any omission, misstatement or inaccuracy contained in this statement.

How can I keep track of the orders I submit?

A receipt is produced for each order, listing the search criteria and noting the Confirm Reference for the search. This reference will be included in the subject line of e-mailed results and on the covering page of faxed results. We suggest that this receipt is printed and retained as a record of your searches. The progress of NT Land searches can be monitored through the Confirm Inbox.

How are the results returned?

You are asked to choose a delivery method of either E-mail, Fax or Post at the beginning of each search. E-mails will display your Account Code, the Date and the Confirm reference in the subject header, e.g. ABCD:09-04-2001:54321. Your results will be included as a .pdf attachment to this e-mail. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the attachment.

How can I update my delivery details?

Before conducting each search you are asked to select a delivery method and identify a delivery profile, that is, the details of the person to receive the results. A drop-down list will show the all the profiles currently associated with your account code. To use an existing profile, select it from the list and click Next.

To add to this list, or to modify a profile, click on the Add/Update/Remove Profile link. This will open a new browser window where you are able to add or update details and then save them for future use. Clicking Save at the profile screen will close the new browser window and return you to the NT Lands order page. Your new or updated profile will now be included in the drop-down list and you can proceed as above.

To delete a profile, select it from the drop-down list, click on the Add/Update/Remove Profile link and click on the Remove button at the left (top & bottom) of the profile details screen. Only one profile can be removed at a time.

Please note that the profile details for your account are consistent across CITEC Confirm databases and any changes made in this system will be reflected elsewhere. If you are uncertain that your profile details are current or correct, please take this opportunity to update them.