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How do I get access to NSW Conveyancing?

Access to NSW Conveyancing must be enabled for your CITEC Confirm account.

If your account does not have access to NSW Conveyancing, you will be presented with a Request for Access upon attempting to use the service. Simply complete this form.

If your account is already set up to access NSW Conveyancing or a related service, then you are ready to start using this service.

An Invoiced account with CITEC Confirm is a requirement to be granted access to these services.

If you are unsure whether your CITEC Confirm account is Invoiced or Pre-Pay, or you would like to set up an invoiced account, please contact the Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or

What should I do if I'm getting an error message when I try to access a service under NSW Conveyancing?

If your account has not been enabled to access NSW Conveyancing, then you will be redirected to the Request for Access page. Refer to How do I get access to NSW Conveyancing above.

If you are receiving any other error messages when trying to access these services, please contact us on 1800 773 773 or at

Why do I need to create a User Profile?

If you log in to the CITEC Confirm website with an Account Code, UserID and Password then you will need to create a User Profile the first time you access a QLD Conveyancing service.

Providing your details ensures that our Property Certificates team can contact you regarding your orders.

Your User Profile details will be stored against a Profile ID which will be a combination of the prefix 'CNF' and your CITEC Confirm User ID.

Once your User Profile has been set up, you will progress to the conveyancing service that you selected.

How do I update my User Profile details?

The Confirm User Details screen will display when you select a service under NSW Conveyancing, so that you can verify your Profile details are still current.

To change the details, contact our Service Centre on 1800 773 773 so that your details can be updated immediately. Once the update has been made, close this window and go back to the NSW Conveyancing menu to ensure that your updated details are applied as you pass through to the NSW Conveyancing order screens.

Which certificates are available via NSW Conveyancing?

An extensive range of certificates for both vendor and purchaser conveyancing requirements are available from the relevant authorities.

From the folio identifier provided when you commence your order, the system will identify the relevant local government authority and available documents. Documents from NSW Land Registry Services and other agencies are also available.

For detailed instructions on how to use the system, see the NSW and QLD Conveyancing Client Reference Guide.

How do I order Property Certificates?

To order property certificates, select the link for Order Certificates � All Councils and Authorities under Conveyancing Package on the NSW Conveyancing Menu. The NSW Property Certificates input screen will open in a new window. Enter the details required; mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

Once you have completed the information required to order your certificates, click Purchase. The Additional Documents screen will now display. If you ordered a title search with your order, it will be available to view. You can order any associated plans or dealings, and then click Purchase to add these additional documents to your order.

From this screen you can also View Order Summary. You can print your order confirmation, which details all the searches and certificates from the Order Summary screen.

The ordered documents will be emailed to you when returned from the relevant council/authorities.

When are NSW Conveyancing orders billed to my account?

In most cases billing will occur when the order is placed.

For some certificates your order will need to be reviewed by one of our operators before charging occurs. If a charge is displayed on the order screen as "POA" or "variable" you will be contacted to confirm the fee before billing. The transactions will be available in your Confirm usage reports once the items have been billed.

You will be billed separately for each certificate ordered and a service fee will be charged per order. For multi-lot or multi-plan searches there will be a separate charge raised for each certificate ordered for each plan or lot supplied.

To view a usage report for your Confirm Account, go to the Reports link on the Confirm menu at the top right of the Confirm screen. Select either Daily or Monthly usage report, depending on your requirements.

Please note the following:

  • Most certificates will appear as "NSW Property Certificate" in your usage reports.
  • Orders will incur a service fee
  • A free Browse is included in most Conveyancing Package orders
  • As there are individual charges raised for each certificate, and some charges could be delayed, certificate charges may not appear together in your usage reports
  • In many cases, you will be charged before a certificate is available
  • Once billed it can take up to 5 minutes for the billing record to appear in your usage report.

How can I track my order?

You can track the status of individual certificates via the Track Order option on the NSW Conveyancing Menu.

On the Track Order screen, select the "Show only my matters" checkbox on the top left of the screen to show all the conveyancing orders you have placed. You can deselect this checkbox to show all the orders placed by your account.

If you want an update on certificates in an order, use the "Contact us about this order" link to forward an email requesting information about your order.

Can I put my order on hold?

You can save a draft of your order by clicking Save Draft. Any draft orders will be displayed in Drafts, listed by Matter Reference. Click the link under Matter Reference to resume the order.

Drafts can be removed at any time by clicking the X icon for that matter reference.

How do I retrieve my certificates?

If your profile is set up for email delivery of results, your certificates and searches will be emailed to you once they are returned from the authority.

Your certificates and searches will be stored in your intelli-Doc and are also available through the document tabs in Track Order.

To access your results via intelli-Doc, select View My Results (intelli-Doc) on the NSW Conveyancing Menu. You will be able to search through orders, review errors and retrieve certificates via the intelli-Doc screen. You can search for orders using date range, Keyword and File Reference search fields.

To access your results via Track Order, select Track Order on the NSW Conveyancing Menu. Refer to How can I track my Order above for further details.

Some certificates are not automatically processed when they are ordered. A document stating that the certificate request has been forwarded will be available in your intelli-Doc and under Track Order documents tab with an associated status of Pending.

Documents in intelli-Doc can be emailed or saved to another location using the Email and Save buttons.

Can I order certificates for multiple lots or plans?

You can order the same certificates across multiple lots or plans if the purchaser and vendor details are the same for each property.

For multi-lot or multi-plan searches there will be a separate charge raised for each certificate ordered for each title or lot supplied.

The property details returned onscreen from the folio identifier validation aren't correct. Can I change them?

You can enter/edit the property and vendor details for your order if required by clicking "Edit Details". You must acknowledge the updated details to proceed.

Do I need to provide extra information when I place my order?

Depending on the certificates ordered you may need to supply information including purchaser and vendor details, settlement date, body corporate information and a copy of the plan.

A list of the information required for each certificate is available by clicking on the "i" icon next to the certificate name.

What if I already have a copy of the plan? Do I need to order it again?

Some authorities will require a copy of the plan to process the property search. If you haven't already included a plan in your order, you can supply a copy of the plan by either:

  • Ordering plan with your order
  • Using a previously purchased plan, with the same matter reference, that is currently in your intelli-Doc*
  • Uploading a plan

NSW Conveyancing Package cannot access plans stored in your CITEC Confirm Inbox.

If you have ordered a plan for this property already, download a copy from your CITEC Confirm Inbox, and upload the plan to your order on the NSW Property Certificates screen.

How long will it take to receive my certificates?

Estimated turnaround time (in days) for each certificate is listed on the order screen.

Delivery times range from instant to 30 days, or more, depending on the certificate or search and its availability.

If there is a problem with a certificate order you will be contacted by one of our support staff.