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How do I get access to NSW Electronic Contract of Sale (eCOS)?

Access to NSW Electronic Contract of Sale (eCOS) will need to be enabled for your CITEC Confirm account.

You can request access by completing the Request for Access Form which is available from the National Settlement Services menu and the NSW Lands menu; simply select 'Request Access to Settlement Services' or 'Request Access to eCOS', and enter the details required.

Once the Request for Access has been processed you will have access to the following services:

  • NSW Electronic Contract of Sale (eCOS)
  • National Manual Services
  • National Settlement Services
  • NSW OSR Electronic Duties Return (EDR)
  • NSW OSR Land Tax and Valuation Certificates
  • QLD Settlement Notice Lodgement
  • Verification of Identity - ‘VOI Your Clients’
  • Court Filing – Manual Services*

*Access to eFiling services is not included, and must be applied for separately by jurisdiction.

If your account is already set-up to access any of the above Services, then you do not need to complete another Request for Access form.

An Invoiced account with CITEC Confirm is a requirement to be granted access to these services.

If you are unsure whether your CITEC Confirm account is Invoiced or Pre-Pay, or you would like to set up an invoiced account, please contact the Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or at

What is an eCOS?

The NSW Electronic Contract of Sale (eCOS) allows you to generate an editable PDF document online to prepare a Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land (2016 edition) for a property.

The generated eCOS document is pre-filled and watermarked with the address details of the property.

What changes have been made to the NSW Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land in the 2016 edition?

On 1 July 2016 The Law Society of New South Wales and the Real Estate Institute of NSW released a new version of the Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land which included a number of changes.

A summary of the changes included the 2014 and 2016 editions of the Contract has been published by the Law Society of NSW (PDF, 334KB).

How do I create a NSW eCOS?

eCOS is available via the NSW Lands Menu and also from the National Settlement Services Menu, under Other Settlement Services.

To order an eCOS, simply enter a matter/file reference and the address of the property in the available fields, then click Purchase to complete your order.

Ensure that the property address details entered are correct before you click Purchase, as these details will be watermarked on the generated document and cannot be changed.

How do I retrieve my Electronic Contract of Sale?

Once the eCOS document has been generated it will be stored in your intelli-Doc. Go to ‘View My Results (intelli-Doc)’ on either the NSW Lands Menu, or the National Settlement Services Menu. The intelli-Doc screen will display. You can search for documents using the date range, Keyword and File Reference search fields.

Documents in intelli-Doc can be emailed or saved to another location using the Email and Save buttons.