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CITEC Confirm UserID FAQ

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What is a CITEC Confirm UserID?

The CITEC Confirm UserID is an extra level of identification and security within your account code.

What are the advantages of linking UserIDs to my Confirm Account?

The traditional way of accessing CITEC Confirm has been to log in with an Account Code and a Password. The same account code and password was used by everyone in an office or business to access CITEC Confirm. Sharing passwords always creates some level of risk - either the risk of keeping the same password for an extended period, or the risk of changing the password regularly and inadvertently locking out some users. Sharing an account code also makes it difficult to track the work of individuals within an office - "Who did which search?"

UserIDs eliminate these problems by providing a new way of accessing CITEC Confirm and using your account. Now you can choose to have your staff log in to CITEC Confirm with an Account Code, a UserID and a Password specific to that UserID. Each transaction on your account will be linked to a particular UserID, allowing you to accurately monitor usage.

The profile facility used in the document ordering systems, and for delayed results in some systems, enables each individual user to have their own set of delivery profiles. They may also see and use the profiles set up at the account level if required.

How should I structure the UserIDs for my account?

UserIDs can be tailored to suit your business. You can allocate a single ID to an individual or a group, or even allow individuals to use several IDs to track their work in different areas.

The following scenarios show how UserIDs can be allocated in different ways to fit your business processes. These examples are based on an organisation that tracks expenditure on four tasks.

  1. Each task is always performed by one person, and that person does not work on any other tasks. In this case, you could assign UserIDs by individual or task. Either option would allow you to run reports sorted by UserID that would accurately show the costs for each task.

  2. All people work on all tasks. In this case, assigning a UserID to each task would be the most effective way of tracking costs. Each person will log in to your account with the UserID corresponding to the task they are undertaking.

  3. Your three staff each have sole responsibility for one task, and share the fourth task. In this case, tracking the fourth task effectively would require a job-specific UserID that could be used by each person working in that role. The other tasks could be tracked by a task-specific UserID or an individual UserID.

What are the differences between different levels of UserID?

There are two (2) levels of UserID - Administrator and User. Administrator UserIDs have access to additional functionality not available to staff at a User level.

Distinguishing between levels of UserID is entirely at your discretion. The only requirement is that your account code include at least one Administrator UserID. Beyond that you can choose to set many or all of your UserIDs to Administrator, or to restrict most UserIDs to the lower User level.

How do I get a UserID?

Please contact CITEC Confirm Client Services to have the UserID maintenance feature added to your account. You will then be able to create and maintain UserIDs for your account as required.

How do I maintain my UserID?

The UserID maintenance feature means that you can easily perform all the ongoing maintenance activities on your account for yourself. Password changes, adding new staff and removing access can all be managed from this feature. This allows account holders to have total responsibility for the security of their own accounts.
The authority level assigned to each UserID determines what maintenance functions that User can perform.

Administrator level UserIDs can change the password of any other userID under their account. Administrators can also create new UserIDs, deactivate UserIDs and modify the details of existing UserIDs.

User level UserIDs only have the ability to change their own password.

Can I delete a UserID?

UserIDs form part of the history (transaction and financial) of your account code. Once created, a UserID must remain available for inclusion in historic reports and subsequently can not be totally deleted.

Instead, UserIDs that are no longer required can be deactivated. A deactivated UserID can not be used to access your account code, and will not appear on your standard UserID Maintenance screens. Only Administrator level users can deactivate a UserID.

Can I reactivate a UserID?

UserIDs can be reactivated. Reactivating an existing UserID will 'pick up' previous records and combine them with the new activity. This continuity is particularly useful where the UserID has been created to identify a work group rather than an individual.

Only Administrator level users can reactivate a UserID.

Will UserIDs be displayed on Usage Reports?

UserIDs are especially valuable for monitoring your account usage. When your staff log in to CITEC Confirm with a UserID, every subsequent transaction record incorporates that UserID. Now, Daily and Monthly Usage Reports include the UserID associated with each transaction.

Is my CITEC Confirm UserID the same as the SecureID I use to access police databases through Confirm?

The UserID discussed here is not the same as the SecureIDs assigned to authorized users of the police databases. A SecureID is only allocated on police approval to users with a bona fide reason for accessing on-line police information.

As UserIDs and SecureIDs are both generated from a combination of your surname and initials, for example SMITHJ, it is likely that the same characters will be used in each identifier. However, their passwords are maintained separately, and updating the password for your UserID will not affect the password of your SecureID.