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Accounts, Reports & Tax Invoices FAQ

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How do I get a Tax Invoice from CITEC Confirm?

Our Previous Month Tax Invoice option produces a report that meets all of the ATO's requirements for an official tax invoice. Tax invoices can only be generated after the end of each month.

If you have multiple account codes administered by a main account, a single tax invoice should be generated from the main account.

How do I add money to my CITEC Confirm account?

You can add money to your CITEC Confirm account via several dfferent payment methods, depending on your account type.

Pre-Paid accounts are also referred to as 'internet' accounts and are held by users who have registered their account online. A Pre-Paid account must have sufficient funds deposited into it to conduct searches. A typical Pre-Paid Account Code looks like this: 2017-1234.

Post-Paid accounts are also referred to as 'invoiced' accounts and are held by users who have arranged to have their account transactions billed. Post-Paid users receive invoices which they can then pay retrospectively. A typical Post-Paid Account Code looks like this: AABB-XYZ0.

If you are unsure whether your CITEC Confirm account is Pre-Paid or Post-Paid, or you would like to set up an Post-Paid account, please contact the Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or at

Please refer to the following table to see which payment methods are available for your account type:

  Pre-Paid Post-Paid
Credit Card Yes Yes
Direct Deposit Yes Yes
Cheque Yes Yes

Credit Card


Adding funds to your account online via credit card is the fastest way to increase your balance. We offer a secure payment system administered by the Queensland Government:

  1. Select the 'Account Info' link located in the Confirm header bar, at the top of the page
  2. Under the 'Account Maintenance' menu, select 'Increase your account balance using your credit card'. The Account Top-up page will display.
  3. Make sure you have your credit card ready. Enter your top-up amount then click the Next button. The Credit Card Security page will display.

    Upon clicking this Next button and arriving at the Credit Card Security screen, you will have five minutes to complete the process. Should your time to enter your credit card details expire, selecting the Start Again link will return you to the Account Info page.

  4. Click the Next button to launch the Queensland Government Notice to Pay service.
  5. You will be shown a summary of the transaction you are about to undertake. If the 'Total amount payable' is correct, click the green 'Pay by credit card' button.
  6. Select your credit card type from the list (Mastercard, VISA, AMEX or Diners Club), then enter your credit card details in the fields provided. These details will include your credit card number, expiry date and the card verification number (referred to on the rear of your card as the CVN or CCV).
  7. Click the Proceed button. If the transaction was successful, the Receipt page will display where you can download or email a copy of the receipt.
  8. Click the green Continue button to finalise the account top up and return to the CITEC Confirm system. You will be shown your new account balance.
  9. If you were in the middle of the search and were prompted to increase your account balance, click the Next button to return to the search you were performing.


If you would like to pay the invoice for your Post-Paid account via credit card, you must contact Accounts Receivable on (07) 3719 7925. This information will also be on your invoice.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposits can be made online using your bank's internet banking system or at a local branch.

If you wish to add funds to your CITEC Confirm account via Direct Deposit, please use the following transfer details:

BSB Number 064 013
Account Number 1000 1444
Account Name 'CITEC Confirm Collection Account'
Transaction Description Your CITEC Confirm Account Code


Funds credited to your account balance via cheque will not be made available to you/your account until the cheque has cleared.

If you wish to top up your account balance via cheque, please include:

  • the value you wish to add to your account
  • your CITEC Confirm Account Code
  • your Business name (if applicable)
  • your Invoice number (if applicable)

Please mail your cheque to:

CITEC Confirm Finance
GPO Box 2457
Brisbane, QLD 4001


BPAY is only available to Post-Paid accounts, i.e. clients who receive invoiced account statements.

The invoice will contain instructions on how to pay your account via BPAY, including:

  • the Total Amount Payable
  • our Biller Code
  • your BPAY Reference.

Are there any limits to how much money I can add to my account?

The maximum amount of money you can add to your account in a single transaction is $1,000.00 AUD. There is no upper limit to the total amount of money you can add to your account balance. E.g. you may perform five sequential account top-up transactions of $1,000.00 each, resulting in a total of $5,000.00 being added to your CITEC Confirm account.

When should I add money to my CITEC Confirm account?

You can voluntarily add money to your Pre-Paid CITEC Confirm account at any time. We recommend maintaining sufficient balance to conduct the searches you require. You can check our Fees page at any time, for detailed descriptions of all our charges.

If you attempt to conduct a search and your account does not have sufficient funds, you will be prompted to add money to your account. If you add money using your credit card, your search will be paused until the transaction is completed.

You should ensure that you complete the top-up fully by clicking the Next buttons until you are returned to your search upon successful payment. If you close the window prior to completing the top-up process, any data entered during your search may be lost and you will have to start again.

If you have a Post-Paid account, you will sent an invoice containing instructions on how and when to pay your account balance.

Can I request a refund of the balance of my CITEC Confirm account?

For matters relating to account balance refunds and account closures, please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre by email. Please include:

  • The subject of your request
  • Your CITEC Confirm Account Code
  • The bank account you wish to have your account balance transferred into.
A Customer Service officer will contact you to confirm your request and gather any additional information that may be required.

Which Account Code should I use for reporting?

If you have multiple linked account codes with CITEC Confirm, you will have the option of running reports from your main account or your log-in accounts. The following options are available:

  • Current Month Statement
    Details of all financial transactions, such as deposits or credits, from the current month and a summary of sales (searches). Financial transactions are not displayed on statements generated from subsidiary account codes.

  • Previous Month Tax Invoice
    Details of all financial transactions during a prior month and a summary of searches for the month. If sub-accounts exist, a summary by Account Code will also be produced but this does not form part of the tax invoice. Tax invoices should only be generated from your main account, so that they include information from all of your linked subsidiary accounts.

  • Filtered Statements
    Post-pay clients have the option to restrict a monthly statement to a particular UserId or Your Reference. Simply select a Current or Previous Month Statement under the parent account and enter either the UserId or Your Reference you wish to filter on. Your Reference is case sensitive.

    It is not possible to filter a statement by Your Reference and a UserId at the same time.

    The statement generated will not display the opening and closing balances for that account.

  • Adjustment Details Report
    Details of the manual credits and debits for the selected account. If reporting on a main account, this report will show details for those applied to all log-in accounts, in addition to any relating to the main account. Details shown on enquiry credits will assist in identifying the original transaction to which they relate.

    The "Job Ref" field relates to the internal job request raised to perform the adjustment. If you require more information about this adjustment, quote this Job Ref Number.

  • Daily Usage Report - Today or Previous Day
    Details of all searches conducted for the current day or for a specified previous day. Reports can be sorted by time or Your Reference. If the report is run under a main account, the log-in account for each search is identified.

  • Monthly Usage Report - Sort by Date
    Details of all searches conducted per day, and a summary of searches performed over the month.

  • Monthly Usage Report - Sort by Your Reference
    Summary of searches performed over the month, sorted by Your Reference and grouped by type of search.

  • Usage Reports for Bimonthly billing period
    Post-pay clients have the option to produce a Usage report that covers the period relating to an invoice (two periods per month). Simply select the month and period required.

How do I save my reports to a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets can be automatically generated for daily and monthly usage reports. Select the report option that you require, then choose the hyperlink 'save result to a file'.

The file is in .CSV (comma separated value) format that can then be converted to a spreadsheet or text format.

Why are there charges on my statement with a transaction value of $0.00?

Some systems require us to keep track of every transaction, whether that transaction is chargeable or not. An example of a non-chargeable transaction would be a request to see if a plan is imaged, compared to the chargeable transaction made when a copy of the plan is ordered. Both transactions involved a query to the provider's database and are shown on your statement, even though only one of the transactions incurs a charge.

What is the Your Reference field?

Whenever you conduct a search or transaction through CITEC Confirm, we ask you to provide a "Your Reference" value. What you enter as Your Reference is entirely up to you; Your Reference has no bearing on the contents or result of your search, but is extremely useful in locating specific transactions in your Inbox.

Entering a meaningful value in the Your Reference field is highly advised, as it will help you easily locate results in the Inbox at a later date.