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What is the Inbox?

The Confirm Inbox is an internal feature of your CITEC Confirm account that stores your search requests and results. Successful transactions are available for retrieval, viewing and printing at a later time while error transactions can be corrected and resubmitted.

'Confirm Inbox' does not refer to your personal email inbox.

How do I access the Inbox?

There is a link to your Confirm Inbox in the header and footer on each CITEC Confirm screen.

Which transactions are stored in the Inbox?

Transactions for your account code (the account code you used to login) from the following systems are stored in the Inbox:

Results Storage of:

  • ASIC & Business Name Searches
  • National Bankruptcy
  • NSW Land Searches
  • QLD Environmental Protection and Contaminated Land Register Searches
  • QLD Land Searches
  • QLD Land Tax Clearances
  • QLD Motor Vehicle Register Searches
  • VEDA Advantage Searches
  • VIC Land Searches
  • WA Land Searches

Additionally, the Inbox can be used to retrieve order receipts and status updates for:

  • ACT Land Searches
  • NSW Office of State Revenue
  • NT Land Searches
  • PPSR Searches
  • QLD Magistrates' Court
  • QLD Civil & Administrative Tribunal
  • QLD Property Certificates
  • SA Land Searches
  • TAS Land Searches
  • Telecommunications Cable Searches
  • VIC Property Certificates
  • VIC County Court
  • VIC Magistrates Court
  • VIC Supreme Court

How long do searches remain in the Inbox?

The record of your transaction will not remain in the Inbox indefinitely, most results automatically expire after 30 calendar days. The main exceptions to this rule are:

  • National Bankruptcy: Results are only valid until midnight on the day of the search.
  • Department of Natural Resources and Mines (QLD Land Searches) allow results to be stored for 30 business days.

Is a result stored in the Inbox the same as the original result?

The results stored in Inbox are identical in content and format to those available online. The Inbox will store your results, but not alter them in any way.
Please note: Search results are only guaranteed for the date/time that they were conducted. This time/date is usually embedded in the search result information. Retrieving a result from Inbox will not update the result - the search will still only be valid for the date/time it was originally produced.

If I view a result online immediately, will it still store in the Inbox?

All results from the applications named above will be stored in the Inbox, even if they have already been viewed online.

How do I view the contents of my Inbox?

To view all transactions for your account requested today, simply click the Search button on the Inbox search screen.

To limit the transactions returned use the following search criteria in any combination

  • Application - database
  • Date - Today, Previous Day (DD/MM/YYYY), Last n (up to 99) Days
  • Your Reference - as entered when conducting the search, up to 40 characters, % can be used as a wildcard
  • Provider Reference - this a unique identifier used by our various information providers
  • Confirm Reference - unique 8 digit number assigned to each transaction
  • Transaction Level - parent/child
  • Select one of the Sort By radio buttons to order your results by either Date/Time (the default setting), Search Name or Your Reference.

The maximum number of transaction records returned is limited to 1000. If more than 1000 results match your search criteria an error is displayed and you will need to refine your search.

How do I view a successful result through Inbox?

To view a successful search result through Inbox, select the Completed or Available link from the Result Status column. The result will be displayed in a new window. Viewing applications such as Adobe Reader® will automatically launch at this point if required.

How do I view an unsuccessful transaction through Inbox?

To view an unsuccessful transaction, select the ERROR link from the Your Result column. An input screen showing the relevant error messages will appear in a new window. You can correct the error and resubmit the search from this window. Please note that resubmitting a search from Inbox is the same as doing a new search from within a database - a charge may be incurred. (Charge points are indicated by '$' buttons.)

Will I be charged for viewing a result stored in my Inbox?

No charge applies to viewing or printing a successful transaction through Inbox. The only time a charge can be incurred through Inbox is when a transaction is resubmitted via an input screen with a charge point ($ button). If you resubmit a transaction through Inbox by selecting a $ button, you will incur a charge.

How are multi-searches displayed in the Inbox?

Multi-searches are groups of searches submitted in a single order. For your convenience, the Confirm Inbox has a parent/child radio box to simplify the display of multi-searches.

  • By selecting 'Parent' multi-searches will be displayed in a single transaction. Clicking the COMPLETED link will launch another screen showing all searches contained within that transaction. Individual results can then be selected for display from the table.
  • By selecting 'Child' each transaction within multi searches will display individually in the main Inbox results screen. Clicking on the COMPLETED link will launch the results for the individual search.

Looking at your Inbox you will notice that there is a single record for the multi-search with a status of either PENDING or COMPLETED. A multi-search is complete when each search within the order has been processed. There is also a record for each search within the multi showing the appropriate status for that particular search e.g. PENDING, AVAILABLE or ERROR. Individual searches within a multi-search may become available at different times, allowing individual searches to have a status of AVAILABLE or ERROR while the multi-search itself is still Pending. As each search within a multi-search has its own Your Reference, you can use that reference to retrieve a single record from the Inbox.

How are document orders displayed in the Inbox?

Results from some document ordering systems such as ACT Lands, , SA Lands, TAS Lands, QLD Property Certificates and VIC Conveyancing are not returned online. Instead they are processed off-line and returned through a variety of methods including e-mail or post.
Despite this, Inbox is able to keep you up-to-date with the progress of your document orders by displaying change of status from Ordered to Order in Progress and then to COMPLETE. A document order is complete when all components of the order have been dispatched. Selecting the status link for a document order at any stage will display the receipt produced when the order was created.

How are manual QLD Land Tax Clearances displayed in the Inbox?

The processing of manual QLD Land Tax Clearances is handled internally by the QLD Office of State Revenue and results are either physically collected or returned by post. As no further action takes place online, the Inbox status of the order remains Manual. Selecting this manual status link will continue to display the original PDF notice of manual processing even after such time as a certificate has been issued.

What is the Confirm Reference?

The Confirm Reference is a unique 8 digit number assigned to each transaction within Confirm. The Confirm Reference is used to confirm document orders, and also appears on Search Receipts when they are enabled for an account.

What is the Provider Reference?

Some information providers assign an internal reference to their transactions. When such a reference is available, CITEC Confirm displays it as the Provider Reference in the Inbox. The Provider Reference may also be embedded in the search result, allowing you to cross-reference results with Inbox records.

How do I view Transaction History?

To view Transaction History select the Info link from the Transaction Details column. The Transaction History records the timing of each change in status for a given search or order.

How can I access my current QLD Motor Vehicle Register Bulk Upload results?

All successful QLD Motor Vehicle Register Bulk Upload transactions are returned as Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. You can access these files from the Confirm Inbox. When selecting transactions from the Confirm Inbox, choose Parent as the Transaction Level.