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How do I change my password?

To change your password, please select the 'Account Info' link on the Confirm header from any page. Enter your current password, your new password, confirm your new password then click OK.

How do I enable/disable internet access for my account code?

CITEC Confirm gives you the option to allow or restrict access to the Confirm website, If you would like your account users to access Confirm through the internet rather than through a direct dial connection, please select the Account Info link on the Confirm header from any page, choose the Enable Internet Access links and follow the prompts.

How do I enable/disable search receipts for my account code?

Search receipts are a new feature available to all CITEC Confirm clients. With this feature enabled, you will receive an individual receipt for every transaction. For more information, please refer to the Search Receipts FAQ or contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773.

How can I ensure that Mail, Fax or DX deliveries will arrive as quickly as possible?

Every effort is made to deliver manual orders within the shortest possible time. The most common cause of delays is incorrect or incomplete recipient information. We recommend that you check your delivery details frequently to ensure that phone, fax and DX numbers are up to date and that you include both your first name and surname. Please include additional delivery information (for example, c/o Loans Dept) if necessary.

Why am I having difficulties viewing my results?

Some results are displayed as PDF documents or TIFF images. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and a TIFF viewer to view results in these formats. You can download either of these programs for free from the Software Downloads section or directly from the manufacturers websites.

To view a result you have received by E-mail you should save the attachment to disk before opening it.

Why am I having difficulties downloading my results?

If you experience a problem such as a blank result page or 'rubbish' characters when downloading results you may not have the necessary viewing software. You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader and a TIFF viewer (see above).

Why have I been asked to change my computer settings?

Incorrect computer settings can cause downloading problems even with the correct software. Computer settings will vary with your operating system and web browser - please record your current settings before calling Confirm for assistance.

Some network settings are incompatible with Confirm requirements - if you are operating on a network please notify your internal technical support of the problem before making any changes. It may be advisable for your technical support officer to contact Confirm directly.

What are the Hours of Operation for each database?

See our Hours of Operation page for a complete list of database operating hours.

The hours of operation are set by the providers of the database. Hours listed for state databases are in local time.

Where else can I find information about CITEC Confirm?

CITEC Confirm Help is context sensitive; for help on individual databases, searches and services, select the 'Help' link from the Confirm header on the relevant page.

Which browser can I use?

CITEC Confirm recommends using Internet Explorer Version 8.0 or above, with a minimum screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.