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CITEC Confirm PPSR updates

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a single national register that replaced multiple Commonwealth, State and Territory registers on 30 January 2012. CITEC Confirm provides a complete search and registration PPSR management solution.

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28 March 2018 - New enhancements to PPSR

We are pleased to introduce a new interface for using our PPSR solution. As of 07 April, the new service will have:

  • Three options for registering your security interests:
    1. Registration Express
    2. Registration Wizard
    3. Bulk Upload.
  • Additional reporting options, including Registrations by Entity and SPG and a Grantor Search comparison.
  • Verify organisation details against both ASIC and the ABR database.

The new PPSR interface also makes it faster and easier to register, search or amend information:

  • Silverlight installation is no longer required; the new interface will run natively within your internet browser.
  • Use the Menu Bar to access functions to process and manage your PPSR transactions. This includes Search, Registrations and Reports. The availability of functions depends on the access assigned for your CITEC Confirm Account code. Search Only users can only see the Search menu bar, PPSR Search and Search Grid buttons.
  • Use Create New for quick access buttons for creating a new Registration and searching PPSR.
  • View Existing for quick access buttons to view existing registrations, completed searches and reporting.
  • PPSR Availability shows which PPSR services are available, as indicated by the green colour. Red indicates a PPSR service is offline.

New PPSR Frequently Asked Questions are available, as well as an updated PPSR Client Reference Guide.

For any addition help, please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or by email at

18 January 2017 - FINAL transitional period ends 30 January

The final transitional period provided under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) (PPSA) is now coming to a close. This grace period for migrated registrations without an end date finishes on 30 January 2017.

The PPSR replaced over 35 other registers, including the ASIC Register of Company Charges and state based Registers of Encumbered Vehicles. Information migrated from the previous registers may have been incomplete, or fail to meet the requirements for effective registrations under the PPSA, so it is important to review your registrations to ensure your interests are protected.

The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) has prepared a number of communications to advise secured parties about the end of the transitional period. Copies of the letters sent regarding claimed and unclaimed registrations have been provided below:

Information can also be found on AFSA’s PPSR website.

Contact CITEC Confirm today to learn how you can manage the lifecycle of your PPSR registrations through our online PPSR solution, on 1800 773 773 or by email at

28 January 2014 - The PPSR transitional period is ending

The Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) 2009 (Cth) provided a 24 month transitional period. During this time transitional security interests were perfected. After midnight on 31 January this transitional period will expire.

Don't forget:

  • After 31 January 2014 transitional security interests will no longer receive a 'perfected' status under the transitional provisions. PPSA 2009 (Cth) s332(2)(f)
  • Transitional security interests may include retention of title supplier arrangements, leases and hiring arrangements or commercial consignments. Under the PPSA these securities require registration to receive a perfected priority status.
  • Intellectual property security interests were not migrated to the PPSR. These security interests are included in the PPSA and will need to be registered to receive a perfected priority status.
  • Ongoing management of your registrations is important. CITEC Confirm has worked with EDX, specialists in New Zealand since the introduction of PPS in 2002, to provide our clients with a complete PPSR management solution for searching, registrations and reporting across your PPS registrations.

To arrange access to the registration functions of our PPSR management solution, please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or by email at

26 November 2013 - PPSR transitional period case study

Below is a quick summary of a recent court case that shows the current value of transitional registration protection and the potential dangers for transitional registrations if they are NOT registered before 31 January 2014.

Industrial Progress Corporation Pty Ltd v Wilson [2013] WASC 225

The Facts

  • October 1998
    • Industrial Progress Corporation Pty Ltd (IPC) signed a credit agreement with a customer, Lowrie Constructions (WA) Pty Ltd.
    • Wilson signed a guarantee in favor of (IPC), as security they charged in favor of IPC "all right, title and interest in any land then held by them". [7]
  • After PPSA commencement
    • Lowrie Constructions received goods between July and October 2012 on credit.
    • Lowrie Constructions went into external administration before paying all the invoices.
    • IPC lodged two caveats pursuant to the guarantee over the land to retrieve the outstanding amount of $34,861.34
    • After some correspondence between the two parties Wilson applied to the Registrar of Titles for the removal of the caveats.

Is the security perfected under the PPSA?

It was determined by Beech J that the guarantee agreement was a transitional security under the PPSA. As transitional security interests are protected for 24 months he determined that IPC had not "breached its equitable duty to perfect the securities" [36] based on the following propositions:

  1. the October 1998 dealings gave rise to an agreement that would govern future deliveries;
  2. a right to repossess arises under that agreement in respect of each delivery;
  3. accordingly, the October 1998 agreement is a security agreement as defined in the PPSA;
  4. because the agreement was in force, and continuing, [at the commencement of the transitional period] the October 1998 agreement is a transitional security agreement; and
  5. the October 1998 agreement provides for the granting of the security interest, and the PPSA applies in relation to that security interest, so the security interest provided for is a transitional security interest within the definition in s 308. [35]

What happened?

The operation of the caveats was extended. The security interests were considered transitional and therefore awarded protection until the 30 January 2014 without registration.

What would happen after 30 January 2014?

If the same facts had been contested after the transitional period protection had expired the security interests would not have been perfected under the PPSA. This would most likely have led to a less favourable result for IPC.

DISCLAIMER: The above is provided for general guidance only and should not be construed as legal or professional advice. No person is entitled to rely upon or act on any comments made, but instead should seek appropriately qualified opinion prior to taking or refraining from taking any action.

02 October 2013 - Further enhancements to PPSR searching

We are pleased to announce the release of new search enhancements for our comprehensive PPSR management product. As of 02 October, you are now able to conduct several searches of the register through a single screen.

This multiple search functionality can aid you in managing your PPSR information in several ways:

- Multiple searches ensure that you have done the most thorough check of the PPSR.
- Completing multiple searches attaches the same reference to all the criteria selected making your billing and tracking easier.
- All results from the selected criteria can be reported or downloaded together or can be filtered depending on your needs.

The below example shows how you are able to enter multiple search criteria matching an organisation to ensure that your search is as thorough as possible. In this case, our product will search the register three times (once for each search criteria) and return any results associated with any of the selected criteria (ABN, ACN and Verified Name):

This example will result in the following searches of the register:

- A single organisation grantor search based on the supplied ABN
- A single organisation grantor search based on the supplied ACN
- A single organisation grantor search based on the supplied Verified Name

Click here to view an interactive demonstration of our upgraded seach functionality.

13 May 2013 - Enhancements to PPSR searching and reports

CITEC Confirm provides a complete PPSR management solution. The end-to-end system allows you to register, search and maintain your registrations; all through your CITEC Confirm account.

To help you manage your PPSR search requirements, CITEC Confirm has included the following enhancements:

Search Reports

- The Search Summary now includes additional information including Search Criteria, Earlier Registration Number, Notice of Identifier and SPG Email Address
- A new Download Search Detail report is now available. The Excel spreadsheet allows you to easily filter and sort your search results

Search Certificates

- For searches with a large number of results you can now filter your search results before downloading results in a zip file
- Search certificates & attachments are renamed to identify the PPSR Registration number, change number and attachment name in a downloaded zip file

 PPSR Search Reference

- The CITEC Confirm reference field is now a required field when requesting a new search
- The reference for each search displays in the Search Grid to enable you to easily find your search results for a particular matter/client

Data Entry

- The Address for Service mailing address can now be copied to the Secured Party mailing address using the Copy button.

03 September 2012 - Improvements to PPSR searching and registrations now available

Since the commencement of the PPSR we have received valuable feedback from clients as to how we can further improve their business processes when registering interests and searching the register. During this transitional period we have implemented a number of changes that improve the overall performance of the system and the way transactions are reported.

We are pleased to advise clients that further enhancements have been released to make your PPSR experience with CITEC Confirm much easier. The key changes include:

Searching Enhancements

1. Bulk Retrieval of certificates and attachments for Grantor Searches

- Search certificate status flag is provided within the search screen
- Single Certificates can be retrieved via the 'Certificate' button or in bulk via the download button
- For bulk downloads an additional pop up box will appear initiating the bulk retrieval and provide the user with a progress indicator
- Once download is complete all certificates and attachments will be available in a zip file for printing or saving.

Note: If the pop-up box is closed, documents will be downloaded at a later time.

2. Grantor Searches now default to searching all collateral class types
All collateral classes are now selected by default and display in a text box so the user is able view collateral types prior to searching.

Registration Enhancements

1. Additional Validation
Our solution ensures the VIN entered meets the 17 character requirement before submitting to the PPSR. For older vehicles that have VINs less than 17 characters it is recommended you enter details in the Chassis Number field to meet validation requirements.

2. Rejected Registrations
New registrations rejected by the PPSR may now be cancelled.

3. Transitional Registrations are now more clearly identified
Transitional registrations will now be identified on your usage reports.

Coming Soon

- Improved search reports that summarise all interests related to an item of personal property.
- Improved search filtering using a range of criteria including collateral type, collateral class, priority and timeframes.

27 January 2012 - PPSR Register Commencement this Monday Jan 30, 2012

We invite you to discover CITEC Confirm's PPSR solution which offers both searching and registrations.

From the CITEC Confirm Main Menu, select the PPSR link. You will be asked to download Microsoft Silverlight, a standard plug-in for your internet browser. This once-off process should take no longer than 30 seconds.

To discover more about CITEC Confirm's solution, see our online demonstrations and training materials.

By default, every client has access to searching. If you require access to registrations or you have any other queries, please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or email us at

18 January 2012 - Less than two weeks until Register Commencement Time (RCT)

To ensure your business is prepared for the PPSR, choose CITEC Confirm for all your registration and searching needs.

Why choose CITEC Confirm?

In comparison to PPSR direct ( CITEC Confirm offers a number of market leading features to ensure your business saves time when registering and searching for security interests.

Features CITEC Confirm PPSR Direct
Automatic input of collateral details based on the selection of business defined contract types. Yes No
Enhanced searching within your existing registrations and past searches using client references such as customer number or name, collateral or PPSR generated data, without incurring government fees. Yes No
Ability to bulk upload files for registration or discharge, either manually through the user interface or automatically. Yes No
Ability to extract data in CSV format from CITEC Confirm for general reporting or to upload to a client's own core system. Yes No
Status driven transactions showing what stage you are at in the registration process. Yes No
Real-time navigation is easy. You can start a search, open another tab within our PPSR solution to create a registration and then come back to the original search tab without losing any data or progress. Yes No
Free pre-validation of organisation ACN/ABN with ASIC, ensuring correct data input prior to search processing. Yes No
Grantor profiles system saves the details of the Grantor you are registering against for ease of re-use. Yes No
Ability to set access controls.
i.e. have one user create the registration and another review and approve.
i.e. allow a user to search the database but not create registrations.
Yes No
Ability to submit registrations and searches when the provider is offline. Searches and registrations submitted during this time will be stored and automatically processed when the provider is back online. Yes No
All transactions are billed to your Confirm account/s. Yes No

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service on 1800 773 773 or email

06 January 2012 - Register Commencement Time (RCT) Fast Approaching

With the Register Commencement Time (RCT) fast approaching CITEC Confirm is working closely with clients to ensure their PPSR registration and search needs are covered.

As a subscriber to CITEC Confirm news and alerts we would like to provide you with an overview of our solution.

We will be releasing our PPSR fees and a full suite of training tools. If you require further assistance before the release please contact our experienced Customer Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or email

14 December 2011 - Preparation for the PPS Register

The Attorney General’s office are advising businesses to prepare for the introduction of the PPS Register by following these steps:

  1. Gather all the agreements you have along with the details of the entities you do business with.
  2. Ensure all these agreements are up to date and have correct contact details.
  3. Speak to your advisor who will establish the exact impact of the reform on your business. They will be able to advise what may need to be registered on the PPSR and the impacts and risks on your business if you choose not to register.
  4. Once you have made these decisions, you may then need to update your documents, register interests you have determined to be personal property security interests on the PPSR and update your business processes with any changes to how you operate.