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New Smart Writ eFiling service

1 March 2018

VIC County Court eFiling users will soon be able to experience the new Smart Writ.

CITEC Confirm's new Smart Writ, available from 22 March 2018, will build Writs in compliance with the County Court Civil Procedure Rules. The service will provide a reviewable draft version of the generated Writ prior to lodging the document. If any issues are spotted, you can easily edit the Writ and generate new versions as required.

To postpone your lodgement, the Writ can be placed on hold indefinitely within the system and modified or lodged at a later date. Once the final Writ is generated and filed, it will contain the filing date, case number, and the court seal.

The new system removes the need for a Filing Confirmation Notice (Form 28) and the use of cumbersome templates for Writs, Form 1 or a Schedule of parties.

Here's what our clients have to say about the new system:

The Smart Writ service cut our issuing time in half because we no longer have to prepare a Writ and notice to defendant where the defendant is interstate.

- Zaparas Lawyers

So much easier to use.

It was very easy to use. I thought they made it look easy in the training and it was actually going to be difficult, but it was very easy.

You could navigate and locate an issue very easily.

- Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

I prefer the Writ with the seal rather than a separate printout. The system was easy to use and understand.

- Slater and Gordon Lawyers

To make the transition to using Smart Writ as smooth as possible, the original service will still be available until 18 April 2018. Training and updated help pages will be accessible, as well as a detailed reference guide. To register interest in attending a training session, please complete a training enquiry form.

Not a Confirm client? Contact the Confirm Service Centre on
1800 773 773 or at to find out how you can access the new Smart Writ through CITEC Confirm.

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