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New Street Address search and changes to QLD land services

12 June 2017

As part of our ongoing service improvement, CITEC Confirm has made two significant changes to our QLD searches. An Address Search with newly designed features will be added to QLD Lands, and our QLD Valuation and Sales service will shortly be decommissioned.

New Street Address Search

The QLD Land menu of searches will soon have a new Title Search by Street Address. This new address search has been designed to speed up the document ordering process and reduce any possibility of errors.

There are plenty of helpful features, like the auto-complete function for accurate detail selection, tooltips with supporting search information, and active links to service help pages filled with helpful FAQs.

A user will also be able to conduct an initial browse search and receive a summary of relevant results, which can be downloaded as a PDF.

The summary will contain the following details:

- Title Reference - Alias Address
- Title Status - Lot on Plan
- Title Description - Owner Name
- Primary Address - Search match percentage

Changes to QLD Valuation and Sales

The QLD Valuation and Sales service will soon be decommissioned. The four searches currently offered under this menu - Address, Owner Name, Property and Sales - will no longer be available.

The links to these services from both the main menu and the QLD Land Lot/Plan details will redirect to an interim screen.

Preliminary Owner Name details are available through the new Street Address search, as well as the Title Search by Owner Name under the QLD Land Searches menu. There will not be an alternative to Property and Sales searches however, as they will no longer be included in CITEC Confirm's complete range of services.

Moving Forward

To make this transition as smooth as possible, clients should ensure any custom links or bookmarks to QVAS service are updated before the final date of decommission. The new address search in QLD Lands will also have an updated look and feel to the interface, reducing the number of input fields required to order documents.

All these changes have been designed with our client’s feedback in mind, to produce a user-friendly service perfect for fast-paced workers. More news will be released on the Confirm website closer to the dates of transition.

To find out more about the services now available through CITEC Confirm and how you can get access, contact us today on 1800 773 773 or via email at

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