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CITEC Confirm provides a variety of searches to help you identify security interests registered on the PPSR; you may search by registration number, serial number, grantor or ordinal. The training material below will help you to decide which search is right for you. All PPSR searches can be automated to be performed once at a specified date or on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc), should you choose to set up a schedule.

You may only search against the name of an individual for which you have an authorised purpose. A Secured Party Group (SPG) is not required to search the PPSR.

All PPSR searches return a financing statement displaying Registration details, Grantor details and Collateral details.

More PPSR eLearning material:

Please see our PPSR information page for further details.

Search by Serial Number

This search returns registered security interests on the serial number specified. A serial number can be a motor vehicle VIN or chassis number, watercraft HIN, trademark number, etc.

Search by Grantor

This search returns all registered security interests held by a Grantor. You are able to search by individual (family name, date of birth, etc) or organisation (verified ABN, ACN, etc) and can also specify a date range.

Search by Ordinal

This search will compare two events and return information detailing which event occurred first. Each event can be the Start or End Time of a registration or a change event.

Search by Registration Number

This search will return a single registered security interest, identified by the registration number entered.

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