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Victorian conveyancing information can be accessed through our online search interface and allows clients to access a wide range of conveyancing certificates, reports and documents.

The provider's order fulfilment system allows certificate requests to be submitted instantaneously to most custodians; consequently orders can not be changed or cancelled once submitted.

A "Save, Finish Later" feature is also available for VIC Conveyancing products, allowing you to save your current progress and return to the search at a later time. Orders that are saved to be finished later are available for seven days from the CITEC Confirm Inbox.

Victorian Conveyancing is restricted to organisations that have signed the current CITEC Confirm Customer Agreement.

The original hard copy of this document is required to be signed and returned to:

CITEC Confirm Service Centre
GPO Box 2457

Note: A separate Customer Agreement must be signed for each ABN/ACN.

Property Certificates Search

This search allows you to order various conveyancing certificates, depending on the criteria provided. The information available for a given property is determined by the town, suburb or locality in which it is situated.

Water Documents Search

The water documents search allows you to order water share records and water register documents. Using a water share ID and/or up to five document numbers you can order a variety of water documents.

Crown Land Search

The crown land search allows you to order crown land status reports. These reports contain information about the legal status of a crown land parcel and, if available, scanned images of any relevant plans or documents.

Survey Reports Search

The survey reports search allows you to order reports that provide information supporting the legal position adopted for new and established cadastral boundaries. A plan reference is required to order a survey report.

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