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eFiling is the term that covers the electronic lodgement, processing and retrieval of court documents relating to cases covered by the Supreme Court of Victoria. Legal practitioners use eFiling to lodge originating motions, writs or additional documents while the court uses it to assign case numbers and accept, reject or suppress documents.

Due to legislative and security requirements, access to client reference guides, interactive demonstrations and result samples for these products has been restricted. Clients who have authorised access to these products may request electronic training and educational materials by contacting CITEC Confirm Customer Service.

Create Case

The create case function is used to initiate a new case in eFiling. The details of a case are entered and submitted to the court and the amount of information included when creating a case will vary with each lodgement.

Additional Filing

Additional filing permits additional documents to be eFiled for an existing case. New lodgements must be eFiled through additional filing. Amended documents can also be eFiled using this function or add or change party.

Add or Change Party

Add or change party allows you to add additional parties and practioners to a particular case. Some specific documents can also be eFiled through this function.

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